We’re Freefoam

Freefoam is the fastest growing roofline manufacturer in the UK.

Here’s some reasons to choose Freefoam:

Industry leading Lifetime guarantee on fascia replacement

The Freefoam Guarantee offers peace of mind for up to an incredible 50 years. No other manufacturer can give you this level of security and commitment. 

A complete roofline solution

Freefoam has pioneered the manufacture of quality-approved, lead-free PVC-U and cellular PVC-UE building products for roofline, rainwater and cladding ranges that work alongside each other providing a complete solution. All elements are covered by the Freefoam guarantee.

Built to last

Freefoam products won’t rot, like wood or rust, like iron. They are guaranteed not to crack, warp, discolour or blister because they are manufactured with additional titanium dioxide. This protects them from the sun’s harmful UV rays and ensures the products used in your roofline repairs last.

A safer, greener option

Manufactured to respected International Quality Management Standards Freefoam products are 100% lead free, and always have been, to ensure there is no risk to homeowners or the environment.

Freefoam products contain up to 85% recycled content with Freefoam recycling 85% of PVC waste to produce a sustainable and environmentally friendly range.

Amazing choice of colour

Freefoam is the roofline colour specialist. We are the only manufacturer to provide roofline in 10 vibrant colours, from subtle shades of Pale Gold and Sand to more traditional Black and Brown.